Can you imagine websites made in 3D?

This is a proposal for 3D worlds hidden in typical sites.

For over 3 years, I have been working on a project, that would let users view websites as 3D worlds. I managed to make a quite minimal version of it. And now I just want to show people this and get some feedback.

I present the


Coding Format made for serializing 3D worlds and linking them into HTML or XML file.

Without any super-galactic science talk, just try it, by downloading the browser to see examples.



Explore worlds via entering the URL.


Attach the SDK into your Tool, and start producing your worlds. Currently, the only one made for Unity3D.

It is done, but I want to see if people are interested in making maps for this format.


# Map Name Url
1 Street 001

What is going to happen with the project in the future?

Mainly, I plan to simplify and optimize the coding format, so that it will be easy to implement and understand.

I also plan to create some useful mapping tools for creators to enjoy mapping (currently considering the TrenchBroom). It would be a really great move to make it when we include game designers that try to make 3D maps in their games.

There is also a lot to talk about the raw files... such as Meshes, AudioClips, AnimationCurve, etc...
By meshes I mean 3D models... I want to be open to formats such as .obj or .fbx or even my own optimized version that I have in mind.

I hope that some amount of people will be interested in this, and maybe people that are interested would create some maps with this project, or maybe they would propose some improvements to this project.

Other Usages for Tabowo?

Well, Tabowo gives the availability to save and load 3D worlds in a special format. The format is open and editable, it is not a compiled thing.

Obviously, it can be used as a format for game maps. I don't need to worry about the next special and strict format for my game map loader. The sneaky thing about this format is that it can be used to load the same map, but made for multiple different games.

So yeah, stop scrolling and just take a look.


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