About Me


I was born in the city of Poznan in Poland, in 2004. As I kid I wanted to produce candies, and own a factory of it. I started my career with games in 2010/2011 when I discovered Newgrounds.com. It all started once I discovered a level editor for some kind of Gangsta Mario-like game :). Later discovered The Game Factory 2... and since then I got into programming.

Who am I today?

Today, I am still in touch with the computer. I like programming, mapping(making levels for games), and any other activity related to my goals. My goals are... really various. Websites, Games, Math, Music, Art, Graphics, Modeling, 3D, Crypto ... They are just so various and especially connected that I just can't simply describe it in a few sentences. I think that /projects and /links may help you in discovering what I am doing. However, I can tell where I am not good. It would be mainly humanistic topics.

How do I see myself in the future?

Well, dunno. I touch various stuff, but probably i think that I am still going to be on my way which is aiming at making the world less dependent.

As always, I am open to discussions here. It's not the first time I am wrong, anyway.

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