The New Order

The New Order

Map made for Coppertone Summer Jam 2


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On a cool summer's night, scale the rooftops and break into an art gallery.

Map made in 9 days for 2-weeked(extension for 3 days) Coppertone Summer Jam 2 ⛱️. The map was inspired by the Mirror's Edge game(which I haven't played to this day 😅). I have made some custom textures and made a small ambient track, on my own. Other custom sounds(a few from ThiefGold and, textures(Makkon3.wad), models, and skybox(from arcane-dimensions) come from different legal sources.
Here is the full ambient track:

Small controversy

When the CTSJ2 has seen its first beams of the sun, on the Slipgate Sightseer, my map had a small problem that blocked the possibility of finishing the map. The error occurred in a secret that used the misc_model entity. The map had to work with Copper 1.19, which it does. However, the problem occurred only inside the CTSJ2 package. The reason is below:

Currently(9/8/2022), the package is still not updated/repaired. Let this story teach something.

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