BSP Loader

BSP Loader

Unity Quake 1 BSP importer

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This tool has been made to simplify mapping for Unity and to show that mapping is not hard.

How the mapping scheme works?

  1. Create a map in your editor.
  2. Compile/Export this map to the quake1 .bsp format
  3. Click the "Load" button to load the .bsp map into unity.


Mapping tools

I personally use the Trenchbroom for making maps, and to make a .bsp file, I use Necros’ Compiling GUI 1.03.
Here is a tutorial video of the installation: Here is a tutorial video of the installation:

  1. Download

    BSPLoader script:

  2. Install the scripts by putting the files(unpacked) into Unity.


  1. On the top menu bar go to Tools/Dataram_57/BSPLoader.

  2. Fill the input fields with:
    • Path to the folder with .bsp maps. (example: C:\Quake\id1\maps)
    • Name of the map that you want to load. (example: e3m4) (without .bsp)
    • Path where you want to save in assets your loaded mesh. (example: Assets/maps/)
    • Path where materials are stored. (example: Assets/Materials/)

      (BSPLoader instead of loading the textures into your projects, It uses the texture name to load the material(from input4) with the same name.)

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